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guest artist Adam Starfish Dutton available from 7/4/10

Adam Dutton, award winning artist from Tradition 180 in Derby will be working with us  on and off from 7/4/10, please call the studio on 01273 708844 to find out more and book consultations and appointments.

Welcome to our new website!

Inka are proud to present our new website including never before seen artists!

Aftercare – keep your tattoo looking good

We at Inka want your tattoo to be the best it can be. Your artist has tattooed you within a hygienic environment but can not be responsible should you fail to take care of it properly once leaving the studio. Here are some guidelines to help you keep your tattoo looking fab….

Firstly, please leave the bandage in place for at least 2-3 hours (overnight if possible). We covered your tattoo for a good reason and although you may be keen to show it off, it really is best to give it some time to heal –  it is, after all, still a wound. We don’t want any nasties getting into it and ruining all our good work! The bandage will also help stop your tattoo from drying out and scabbing.

Remove the cover the following morning and give the area a good clean. Use warm soapy water and ensure all blood/plasma is washed away – try not to rub the area and do not use anything abrasive on your tattoo. Once the area is nice and clean, gently pat it dry with a paper towel or clean towel. You are now ready to apply your recommended ointment, which should be used little and often throughout the day. Always wash the area again before going to bed and re-apply that ointment. Continue this routine for a least a week, after which replace the ointment with an un-perfumed moisturiser such as e-45 cream.

Peeling skin around the tattoo is normal and it is possible that there may be some slight scabbing. If this is the case whatever you do don’t pick. Moisten the scab with a warm compress for around 5 minutes to soften it, repeat this 2-3 times and it should eventually come away on its own.

Things to avoid for the first few weeks

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash, in fact showering is highly recommended. Just try not to soak the tattoo and keep any shampoo or harsh soap away from the area. Avoid submerging the tattoo in water, so that means no bathing or swimming. Saunas should also be avoided.

Protect the area from direct sunlight – that mean no sunbathing! Ultraviolet light will fade your tattoo so once healed get into the habit of using a high factor sun screen where needed – it will keep your masterpiece looking great for years to come…..

This goes without saying as it will damage the appearance of your tattoo or may even cause scarring. If you have an unrelenting itch give the area a light slap. If the skin is peeling, apply moisturiser.

Enjoy your new tattoo!