Kitty Foster to Join Inka Tattoos

We are excited to announce that the very talented Kitty Foster will soon be joining us 3 days a week.

Kitty specialises in all things nature and science related and also enjoys portraiture.

Kitty says

I put as much detail into my work as I can; I love it when clients notice small details for days and weeks after they’ve left the studio with their new tattoo. I think perfection down to the last detail is important in tattoos, as you will look at that art on you for the rest of your life, up close, and you bet within a year or so you’ll have closely analyses every single detail on the piece. Detail is my love!

I am a perfectionist so I won’t go ahead with a tattoo until I am 100% happy with the design and plan, so I really love working with patient and understanding clients who appreciate that the final outcome of the tattoo is the priority, and that tattoos are pieces of art, and art takes time.

View Kitty’s portfolio or get in contact to book a consultation with her.

Published by Tuesday June 5, 2018 1:13 pm